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ELFs / Kino Monoplexx - Living

Overwhelmed at work and lonely at home, a council bureaucrat’s life takes a heartbreaking turn when a medical diagnosis tells him his time is short.

Influenced by a local decadent and a vibrant woman, he continues to search for meaning until a simple revelation gives him a purpose to create a legacy for the next generation.

“Bill Nighy is perfectly cast as Williams, a man of his time painfully incapable of expressing his emotions. The script and the direction beautifully capture the austerity and self-restraint of post war Britain. This is a splendid evocation of a desperately ordinary man whose small life has an important impact on other people’s lives, including ours, the viewers. Less is more – much more“ – David Gee – IMDB Review

Nominated for 2 Oscars, 9 wins & 47 nominations.


Englische Originalfassung mit Englischem Untertitel
UK/SE 2022; 102 min.; Director: Oliver Hermanus
Cast: Bill Nighy, Aimee Lou Wood, Alex Sharp, Tom Burke a. o.

Do, 20. Juli, 20 Uhr, in der Alten Gerberei
Eintritt: € 10,--

Mehr Infos: www.muku.at/living/


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